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Management of People and Resources


City Hall in Downtown Westerville, Ohio. Photo by Crystal stitzer

At Harsany & Associates, LLC, we have come to understand the importance of clearly defining the core of a problem, and the significance of the interplay between programmatic challenges and the overall management of an organization. Maybe a lack of clearly defined roles is the real reason a project is behind schedule. Perhaps missed grant fund expenditure deadlines are really due to an inadequately trained invoice processor. There may be contention between divisions because of a lack of leadership.

We know that you take seriously the need to address the challenges that face your organization. When our team is brought in to assist you with those challenges, we are equally serious about our role in bringing these challenges to resolution. As an important part of that, we believe it is critical to understand the connection between the leadership and management of an organization and its effectiveness in accomplishing its goals.

We integrate this holistic approach into every project on which we are engaged. We think that it is vital to not just solve the surface problem at hand, but to dig down to uncover and fix the underlying core organizational or structural difficulty that led to the identified problem, as a means of preventing this problem in the future.