During these difficult times, do not forget who you are. Be your team’s cheerleader, coach and visionary.

You will find your team is willing to do anything, if they know that you believe they can. As an organization that supports non-profits and local governments, we connect every day with organizations who are forced to forge a new path through uncharted territory. Even with so much that is changing and unknown, there are still constants in your lives. You are still the same person, with the same gifts and skill set, and you still care about the same things. Your organization’s mission, vision and goals are still the same and you can still make a difference.

A friend of mine once described those who work in these fields by saying “they don’t do what they do for the title, but see themselves as an engine to serve their community. They are cowboys and mavericks, the deal makers who live in a world of boxes, feeling the edges of what they can and can’t do. They are the heart of the deal.”

Be of good courage! You will find solutions, maneuver through change, and continue to make a difference, because that is who you are. We are all in this together and Harsany & Associates, LLC only exists for you. We are your cheerleaders, and a part of your support system. So yesterday, today, and tomorrow our prayers are with you. I gain a new perspective as I look around me and see the leaves changing colors, it reminds me of who is ultimately in charge, and that fall has not been canceled.

By Cindy Harsany, Partner and CFO