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Company Mission / Vision / Goals


Mission Statement

To use the talents that God gave us to positively impact people’s lives in an exceptional way, by making their communities better places to live, work, and play.

Vision Statement

Harsany & Associates, LLC will continue as a small, prosperous consulting firm to the housing, economic development, and community revitalization industry, and will expand or adjust its scope and services in an informed and targeted fashion in order to stay in sync with the current market and needs. We will continue to strive for excellence as we work effectively together in a low stress environment to meet the needs of our clients and to exceed their expectations.

Company Goals

  •  To more firmly demonstrate our expertise and value as a consulting services provider who is not only a program expert, but who understands how management and leadership skills impact attainment of organizational goals. It is our goal to positively impact each organization’s success through an integrated approach that addresses both programmatic and managerial challenges.
  •  To continue to foster trust and close working relationships with clients.
  •  To continue to stay abreast of market and needs for services.
  •  To make the business climate of Harsany & Associates rewarding and satisfying for all involved.
  •  To be sought after as a firm that will do it better, faster, less expensive, more professionally, and with greater integrity than the competition.
  •  To make a real difference in the lives of clients.