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Keeping Your Family and Neighborhood Healthy in Winter

By Cindy Harsany

Fall is wonderful! the leaves change colors in most of the states, we still have warm breezes, and we get to play outside.  This creates a relaxing entrance to winter. We can almost come to believe that maybe we won’t experience cold, snow, a fall on the ice, or the need to dig our car out of a ditch.

However, fall will transition as temperatures decrease, bringing with it winter. Winter officially begins on Wednesday, December 21st and the 2017 Farmers’ Almanac has released this prediction, “Get ready for a shift from last year!  For the winter of 2016–2017, we expect temperatures to be much colder than last winter but still above normal. Winter 2017 will also feature below-normal snowfall overall; the snowy exception is the northern tier of the U.S., which can expect to be blanketed in white.”

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How to Prepare a Disaster Kit for Your Home

By Doug Harsany

As we get into what is a stormy season in much of the United States, it is a logical time to think about our disaster preparedness. In addition to other preparedness guidance about evacuation routes, shelter locations, and the like, it is often suggested to have a disaster kit in your home (a similar kit may be useful in your car and office). Here are a few suggestions for what to put into such a kit.

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