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A Nation Divided


by Doug Harsany

As I approach this Holiday weekend, my thoughts turn to the many soldiers who have bought at a dear price our freedom in this country. I am also reminded of the fact that this Holiday began in the aftermath of the Civil war. More American blood was shed in this war than at any time since. It was shed at our own hands, because of deep divisions among us.

Our country is becoming once more deeply divided…

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Greater Challenges, Fewer Resources

By Doug Harsany

man-briefcase-chasmIt seems that the needs in our communities continue to grow, even as our means of addressing those needs is diminished. We need to shift our thinking in order to reach beyond the traditional methods of doing business. Early in the recent recession here in the United States, the federal government recognized that we were facing a crisis that demanded additional resources for housing and community development. Programs like The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 and The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 were created to address this crisis. Those resources are now largely gone, but many challenges still face our states and communities, including a scarcity of decent affordable housing, a surplus of abandoned buildings, a crumbling infrastructure, and a shortage of good jobs.

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